Owloon River

The Owloon River transformation in Paarl stands as a remarkable testament to both environmental stewardship and practical ingenuity. Once a neglected expanse of boggy wasteland nestled between two dams on a local farm, this ambitious project harnessed the expertise of Alan Dawson Gardens to breathe new life into the landscape.

With a combination of innovative drainage techniques, meticulous packing of the river course, and strategic placement of boulders, the team orchestrated a seamless revitalization. As if coaxing nature’s own brushstrokes, grass was tenderly sown to cloak the revitalized riverbanks.

This fusion of vision and hands-on effort not only underscores the power of human determination but also serves as an enduring inspiration for how dedicated individuals can harmoniously reinvigorate our natural surroundings.


SALI Merit Award - 2023 - Landscape Design and Construction
SALI Silver Award - 2023 - Specialised Landscape Construction

We would like to give thanks to the following companies for their collaboration on this project.

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